I'm A Dreamer. a doer. a jesus-follower.
lover of light. Mom, wife, friend.

I love people! Even more so, I love capturing people in moments that are monumental, yet fleeting. The classic portrait of your best expression; the kiss that begins a new life together; the moment a new mother breathes in her newborn's sweetness. I am blown away with honor that I have the privilege to be the one present for these moments of yours!

After having children, I yearned for a career serving people. I wanted to preserve all the fleeting moments of my own family's growth, and with the loving support of my husband and patience of my children, I'm able to do the same for all the people this business leads me to!

Our family portrait taken by Kimberly Gaiser

Traveling is one of our favorite things to do as a family. Usually by car, sleeping in tents, and logging long hours on winding roads just to dip our toes in the wild sand with no other humans in sight.


Places I've been

Photographing people, to me, is catching a frame of the individuality that we all possess. It’s a celebration and acceptance of a person and the people they love. During a session I love to dig into my subjects’ personalities. I ask a lot of questions, interact, play! Children especially just want to be heard. They want for you to cheer them on. To be interested in their stories. To connect. They want to feel loved and accepted. Don’t we all?