Bowen House Engagement Session

June 19, 2020

The Bowen House is an incredible but hidden gem in the Tucson Mountains, just waiting for adventurous folks such as Collin and Bailey to hike to it! We had to postpone this session a few times due to 109 temps (I’m a desert rat, but anything over 100 is my hiking limit!) but I’m so glad we waited it out because the desert gave us a SHOW of color and light!

Accessible via the Bowen Trail from Starr Pass, or from Camino de Oeste Trailhead, its about a 2.5 mile roundtrip hike. The homestead of Sherry Bowen and his wife Ruby, all that is left is the foundation and walls. Sherry was an editor for the Arizona Daily Star. You can read more about the history in this article. Keep an eye out for regal horned lizards as the sun sets, they are friendly and interesting creatures to watch! And as always, pack a ton of water and leave no trace behind.

Bowen Stone House engagement session in Tucson, AZWedding photographer captures couple in golden hour desert scenery Desert scenery with engaged couple snuggling


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